With unrivalled on-the-ground access to the region’s major markets, the award-winning EFG Hermes Research Division has solidified its position as the region’s leading research house. The Research division provides products to the region’s major markets by virtue of its diversified portfolio, which includes in-depth coverage of more than 150 regional equities, equivalent to c. 63% of the aggregate regional market capitalisation, the broadest sampling of stocks available in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Research division has a direct presence in the region’s major financial centres including Cairo, Dubai, Riyadh and Muscat; this allows the team to provide world-class coverage of 11 economies from a macro perspective including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as regular and timely strategy notes for eight economies.  

Our research analysis is based on three areas:

  • Equities Research: Provides up-to-date and comprehensive bottom-up coverage of regional equities across Middle Eastern and North African stock markets.
  • Macro and Strategy Research: Our award-winning macro strategy team provide macroeconomic analyses of MENA economies, providing context and top-down macro expectations for the MENA region and take an overall view on the market and provide indispensable analysis on key equity themes and markets performance. The strategy team actively manages EFG Hermes Research’s MENA top 20 stock list, a portfolio designed to help clients find value and outperformance in MENA. The portfolio has outperformed the market since inception.
  • Index Research: Our index research provides fund flow analysis on MSCI and FTSE flows in the MENA region. We conduct fund flow analysis through our branded Ebb & Flow index research products, through weekly and event-driven research. In addition, we provide detailed data analysis of all MENA markets to our clients through our comprehensive data team.

Our research is complimentary — and exclusive — to our clients. 

The Research team has continued to excel, fueled by a highly experienced team that has maintained and prioritised its focus on quality on all aspects related to research products. In addition, the team is able to respond promptly and efficiently to an increasingly volatile market environment. Publications were revamped by launching a number of new products to enhance client needs, including the following:

  • Video-based reports that include analysts giving verbal, opinion-based input in a format that aims to make research more insightful, accessible and personalised.
  • Provide in-depth combined sectoral / thematic notes that selectively analyzes specific sectors - including covered stocks – on relevant economic/political driven events. These notes are a collaboration between different EFG Hermes Research sector teams. 
  • Enhanced the value-added aspect of commentary notes on sectoral quarterly results by comparing analysts’ previews and reviews. 
  • Maintaining the Morning Roundup, which provides our analyst’s outlook on the top stories in the region as well as brief equities updates. Producing two MENA morning news round-ups and one market wrap-up categorised by country on a daily basis.
  • On the Strategy level, the team frequently updates the research portfolio, which consists of the top 20 investment ideas across the MENA region, in accordance to changes in the markets with the aim of providing views that are best aligned with sectoral and geographic exposure.
  • Launched an updated version of our “MENA Markets Weekly Stats”, which is a user-controlled excel file that allows clients to drill down into MENA markets. This product is updated and published weekly.​
  • The MENA Investment Perspective Research Yearbook, an annual product that is internationally recognised as the most comprehensive guide to MENA equities.

EFG Hermes clients can access products via the research online portal, which offers access to all research materials, including equity, industry, economy, strategy and supporting data. Research Online also offers clients the latest news on major listed equities, daily coverage of economic and political developments that help shape market sentiment. The research portal is fully searchable and includes three years of historical data and research coverage updated daily with the latest news and commentaries. 

The Research division continues to invest in infrastructure to offer world-class products and services to clients and enhance user experience through the EFG Hermes digital platform. The team has developed a cutting edge online presence by delivering a fully interactive website, mobile and other smart-device solutions, to achieve a seamless communication experience across multiple channels. In line with investing in the new infrastructure, the Research team will replace its existing back-end system with FactSet research management solution, a global-standard provider of research tools to enhance the workflow and provide differentiated ideas and high-quality research to clients. This is set to be completed this current year.

A second area of focus for the current year will be expanding the team’s coverage of MENA equities. Plans are underway to launch a fundamental research product for retail clients, as well as small and mid-cap coverage.
If you are an EFG Hermes client, you can log in to the portal here or email us: 


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Last updated on December 05, 2016