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A World of Opportunities

Succeeding at EFG Hermes

As the largest investment bank in the Arab world, we actively recruit the best and brightest to work with us — from fresh graduates to mid-career and senior professionals. We have a diverse workforce of over 800 employees from 25 nationalities.  

At EFG Hermes, we offer a wide range of career paths to graduates from every discipline — from finance to political science, from engineering to English literature. We offer a dynamic, challenging, fast-paced environment with incredible room to grow. Through some of the most prestigious training programs in the region, we train talented, hard-working candidates to excel in a range of fields.

Securities Brokers

Brokers serve our clients by structuring and executing their trades on regional capital markets. Our brokers have strong communication skills and work with clients from around the globe in a high-pressure, results-driven environment. Thanks to the calibre and hard work of our team, EFG Hermes Securities Brokerage enjoys market leadership in 6 direct and 6 indirect markets across the Arab world, making it the region’s largest and most diverse broker serving more than 540 global and regional institutions and over 101,500 high net worth and retail clients.

Investment Bankers

Investment bankers source deals and advise on major financial transactions. Smart tacticians and gifted strategists, investment bankers have the ability to uncover and analyse the fundamental strength and weaknesses of any company. With an unrivalled track record advising leading private companies, governments and listed corporations from offices across the region, EFG Hermes Investment Banking has raised more than USD 19.3 billion in equity for its clients and completed more than USD 53.3 billion in M&A transactions since 1995.

Asset Managers

Outstanding strategists, asset managers help set, implement and revise investment strategies for products including discretionary portfolios as well as funds. EFG Hermes’ Asset Management Division manages 26 funds and over 60 portfolios including equity, fixed income, money market, indexed and capital guaranteed funds. A top ranked, award-winning regional fund manager, the division has managed some of the best performing funds in the MENA region. 

Private Equity Specialists

Our private equity team sources and manages investment opportunities in private companies across the region. EFG Hermes Private Equity is one of the Arab world’s leading private equity divisions with more than a decade of experience investing across a broad industry footprint. It has USD 650 million in funds under management, a growing interest in infrastructure projects and an increasing regional presence.


Insightful analysts, our top-ranked research team comprises regional specialists with deep interests in both company and economic research. The Research Division covers 121 Arab equities across 9 countries in 8 key sectors of the regional economy. The independent division creates award winning bilingual products, including company coverage, strategy notes, economic analysis and yearbooks.  

In-House Professionals

At EFG Hermes, we understand that the success of an organization depends on its people. Therefore, we seek the best career professionals to join our team in all divisions of the firm, actively recruiting both financial and non-financial professionals, including:

  • HR professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Marketing executives
  • In-house legal counsel
  • Customer support experts
  • Compliance officers
  • Accountants
  • Internal auditors and risk managers
  • Investor Relations specialists
  • Administrative staff

Review the application process, then take the first step towards a new career with EFG Hermes.

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Last updated on August 11, 2015