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​Learning & Development

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EFG Hermes recognises that, in a dynamic and competitive field such as investment banking, it is the calibre and quality of its employees that distinguishes EFG Hermes from other banking institutions. EFG Hermes is therefore, committed to promoting an environment of training, learning and continuing professional development for all its employees.
Underpinning the learning and development policy are a number of principles:

  • EFG Hermes aims to be a learning organisation which supports individual and team development to achieve the results needed to take forward a changing and leading edge organisation.
  • Access to high quality learning and development opportunities prepares staff for future roles and responsibilities and enables them to reach their full potential.
  • Learning and development are key tools in recruitment and retention and are integral to EFG Hermes’s HR strategy and the aim to become the employer of choice.

The Learning and Development unit within HR works with the various businesses and departments to provide learning opportunities in a variety of categories:    

Mandatory Training:

This is an integral part of the learning and development offering at EFG Hermes and is a standard component on our annual training calendar. 

In conjunction with the compliance department, we offer online annual Anti Money Laundering and Anti Fraud courses that are mandatory requirements for all professionals in the firm. For 2014 an entirely new e learning platform was introduced, customised to EFG Hermes.  The courses take into consideration all jurisdictions we operate in.

In addition to the general component, job function also determines additional modules/exams for individuals in certain roles.  The material is provided by a specialist external provider, which is reviewed and approved by Compliance.

Our mandatory training portfolio also includes courses like Market Misconduct. This is in addition to periodic courses on IT security, staff trading rules, and various internal policies.

Technical Skills & Soft Skills Development:

Our annual training calendar and corresponding budget are a direct outcome of a firm wide Training Needs Analysis that we conduct annually, after our performance appraisal cycle. We work with the business heads, unit managers, and the employees themselves, to develop a learning plan that will have a direct positive impact on the individual and the business. This usually includes technical courses that are directly related to the employee’s line of work/scope of role, as well as soft skills courses that complement the employee’s technical capabilities and contribute to his/her overall development as a productive employee. Depending on the audience, these courses are either external (we ensure that any training partners we contract are fully vetted in terms of capabilities) or bespoke internal courses developed especially for EFG Hermes by top tier content providers.

Professional Qualifications and Courses:

We encourage our employees to seek professional certification that would set them apart from others in the field and attest to their solid knowledge in their area of specialization. This applies to both front office and back office employees- our finance professionals are encouraged and supported in pursuing certification such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM) and our IT professionals (for example) are encouraged to pursue certifications such as MCSE, etc. our support comes in the form of reimbursing exam fees for successful candidates, as well as offering study days of.

Flagship Programmes:

Investment Banking Programme (IBP)

EFG Hermes’ flagship Investment Banking Programme helps promising graduates from leading universities around the world become high-calibre financial professionals. Open to recent graduates from institutions across the region and beyond, the programme prepares aspiring finance professionals through an intensive 12 weeks of training. The education participants receive in IBP serves as the foundation of their future career in finance, building solid professional and personal skills and relationships to last a lifetime.  

Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

This flagship programme at EFG Hermes aims to compliment and build on the leadership experience of selected employees who are guiding the firm into its next phase. LDP is specifically designed to drive business performance and support the next generation of corporate leaders through the enhancement of self-awareness, goal-setting and management skills. Utilizing internationally renowned tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Situational Leadership® II and team engagement exercises, LDP aims to provide participants with the necessary prerequisites to lead their respective teams to achieve their goals.

Executive Development Programme (EDP)

At EFG Hermes, we provide our employees with regular learning opportunities, increasing their skill sets and contributing to the enhanced performance of the firm as a whole. We are very proud to offer a world-class Executive Development Programme (EDP), through which we prepare our top-tier professionals to be more effective leaders as they steer the firm and refine our business practices. This programme institutionalises the vast knowledge held by our senior managers and provides a facility through which this knowledge is passed down to the next generation of the firm’s leadership.

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Last updated on August 11, 2015