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Profiles in leadership
EFG Hermes is home to over 800 employees of more than 25 nationalities, with diverse experiences and backgrounds. Meet some of our professionals and learn about their roles within the firm:

Ahmed Waly

Ahmed Waly’s career in finance has taken him from Cairo to New York to the GCC, where he is currently Co-Head of EFG Hermes Securities Brokerage and CEO of EFG Hermes IFA in Kuwait. Ahmed graduated from AUC in June 1994 with a BA in mass communications and a minor in economics. After working in commercial banking and oil and gas, he joined EFG Hermes in 1999 as a sales trader. By the time he left the firm in 2003 to work in New York, he was both Manager of US Institutional Sales and Head of GDR Trading. In late 2007, Ahmed returned to EFG Hermes to take part in the launch of the firm’s operations in Qatar and has been involved in integrating the Kuwaiti brokerage that EFG Hermes acquired in mid-2008. “I love the environment. It’s fast-paced, which is great if you’re like me and can’t stand just sitting behind a desk.” 

Mohamed Fahmi

Mohamed Fahmi’s career with EFG Hermes began in April 2006 when he joined as an Investment Banking Analyst, having graduated from AUC in 2003 with a degree in accounting. “The fact that everyone in the company is young and in tune with each other, from the CEOs to the analysts, really makes a big difference,” says Mohamed. In just a few years, Mohamed was promoted to Director in Investment Banking at EFG Hermes UAE, the title he currently holds. “EFG Hermes is definitely an organization where you can move up quickly. The organisational structure is very flat, we all talk to each other, people are valued for what they do,” he says. Mohamed, who is now based in Dubai after spending 8 years with the firm in Cairo, now leads both regional and international transactions. “Today, we are helping regional clients go abroad and multinational clients come to the region, so the exposure we are able to offer is remarkable. No other regional bank can compare.”

Ahmed Youssef

Ahmed Youssef joined EFG Hermes just two days after graduating from AUC with a BA in accounting in 2005. “It’s been an amazing ride,” says Ahmed, who has been firmly committed to the job that he calls “fast-paced” since day one. Ahmed started out as a Junior Account Officer in brokerage and has worked his way up to Head of Institutional Sales Trading desk at EFG Hermes Brokerage UAE. “The thing about working for EFG Hermes is that you are encouraged to excel and given the opportunity to become involved, which really allows you to move up the ranks quickly.”

Dahlia El Salawy

“My career at EFG Hermes showcases the firm's commitment to the growth, care and development of all its employees,” said Dahlia El Salawy, Head of Internal Audit at EFG Hermes. “Having experienced this personally, the sky is truly the limit at EFG Hermes, and I am proud to be a part of an institution so devoted to the professional advancement of its employees,” she added.

Since joining the Group in 1997, Ms. El Salawy has held a number of positions, including Operations Manager at the Egyptian Portfolio Management Group and Investment Assistant in the Asset Management Division. Ms. El Salawy joined the Internal Audit Division in 2003 and was head of both the Internal Audit and Compliance Departments between 2004 and February 2010, when she assumed her current role. Prior to joining the Group, she worked at the Egyptian British Bank (now HSBC) in Cairo and at the Investment Securities Group. Ms. El Salawy holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo.

Jacqueline Fawzy

“Working for the largest investment bank in the MENA region — and interacting with a wide array of clients and colleagues with diverse backgrounds — is a refreshing challenge,” said Jacqueline Fawzy, Director of Coverage.

After working as a credit officer for six years in the United Bank of Egypt, Ms. Fawzy joined EFG Hermes Brokerage in 2005, where she headed the call center for two years. She covered both corporate and retail, and is currently responsible for expanding EFG Hermes’ client base across the region. Ms. Fawzy received a Corporate Finance Certificate from the London Business School in 2010 and graduated from Cairo University with a BA in Accounting in 1989.

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Last updated on June 07, 2016