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Investing with EFG Hermes

As the leading investment bank in the Arab world, we bring you world class expertise in the full suite of financial services, helping you grow your wealth and secure your future financial well-being.


Enjoy a candid, transparent and convenient trading experience; supported by our top-notch Securities Brokerage team backed by all the necessary tools to trade. We offer you leading trade execution services in MENA markets with physical presence in 6 regional countries. Our Online Trading, full suite Smart Trading and Contact Centre services allow you utmost flexibility, security and speed in placing and tracking orders anytime, anywhere.

Mutual Funds

Choose from a wide range of mutual funds to match your investment needs, including equity funds, fixed income funds, money market funds, indexed funds, shariaah compliant and capital guaranteed funds.

Fixed Income

Benefit from our diverse offering of fixed income investment products, which have a strong track record and help our clients capture the best opportunities in different market environments. Fixed Income offers investors the potential for regular income, preservation of capital, portfolio diversification and a hedge against an economic slowdown.



Discretionary Portfolios

Take advantage of our personalised portfolio management services tailored to your risk profile and investment objectives and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our investor coverage team to help you make the best informed decisions.

Fundamental Research

Gain access to the unparalleled coverage of MENA markets provided by our independent award-winning Research Division, which has steadily expanded its offerings to include coverage on over 120 companies representing more than half of the region’s aggregate market capitalisation. You can benefit from both leading coverage of regional equities as well as macro-level coverage of 9 economies in the Arab world to make informed investment decisions.

Technical Analysis

Follow market performance and forecast future trends by making use of historical price data and various Technical Analysis studies, covering  regional markets. You can access our insightful technical research product selection, which includes: Regional Indices, Technically Speaking, High-Probability Trades, Short-Term Update, Special Releases, Stock Market Signals and the Regional Player.