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What it stands for
Integrity is built on moral and ethical choices made on a daily basis to operate and deal with others on the basis of honesty, truthfulness and authenticity. Integrity is the fundamental value on which our business is built and the foundation of our relationships with our stakeholders. It is what leads our clients to trust us to provide advice, manage and invest their funds, and execute their transactions; it is what leads our staff members to believe in us; it is what leads our communities to value us.
Our leaders are people who guide others toward a goal or on a path through compelling vision, talent, people skills,  professional will and the ability to demonstrate by personal example. Leadership may take many forms: It may be quiet or bold, based on talent or skill. But in all cases, our leaders empower others and foster creativity. We grow leaders the same way we grow our teams: By promotion from within.
Value Creation 
Our ability to create or unlock value is the fundamental reason we are engaged and our reason for being as an organization and informs every decision we make across all of our lines of business and support functions, for all of our stakeholders, whether we are serving external clients or internal counterparties.
We make and deliver on our commitments to all our stakeholders willingly and with dedication, viewing them not as malleable or replaceable, but with an absolute promise to follow through. We do not enter commitments lightly, but with full awareness that we have a fiduciary duty to clients who entrust us with their financial futures, individual and institutional alike. 

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Last updated on February 24, 2019