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​Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct​


Staff Dealing Policy

We strictly prohibit the buying or selling of securities while in possession of material non-public “inside information,” as well as the communication of that information to others. We define inside information as material, non-public information about securities, activities, or financial conditions of a corporation, public entity or other issuer of securities. Material, non-public information concerning market developments may also be construed to be inside information.

Information should be considered "non-public" unless it is clearly public. Information is deemed public once it has been publicly announced or otherwise disseminated in a manner that makes the information available to investors generally.

If our employees are aware of inside information,

  • They may not buy or sell securities that may be affected by that information, either for their own account or any account over which they exercise control, alone or with others.
  • They may not pass along any inside information expressly or by way of making a recommendation for the purchase or sale of such securities based upon inside information.
These prohibitions are applicable no matter how inside information is acquired. They are applicable to the securities of EFG Hermes as well as other companies.

Group Compliance Policy


Whistle Blowing Policy

Information Disclosure and Business Continuity Policies


KSA Pillar III Disclosure


ESG Policy

Health and Safety at EFG HERMES

EFG Hermes' Statement On Human & Labour Rights

Proxy V​oting Policy

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Last updated on February 25, 2020