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Discretionary Portfolio Management

EFG Hermes Asset Management offers a wide range of management options for portfolio management catering to both regional and international institutions as well as individual and high net worth investors.

We offer custom-made discretionary portfolio management services, whether the investment focus is the Arab world as a whole or a specific country within the region. Our portfolio management services individually cater to each investor’s risk profile and investment objectives. Portfolio management offerings include equity, capital guaranteed, Sharia-compliant, balanced, indexed and fixed income strategies. Our team provides the best client service in the industry, maintaining frequent contact with the client through bi-annual client visits and communications, regular updates on market developments, risk reports and both monthly and quarterly portfolio performance updates.

Our Equity Portfolio Investment Strategy is a fundamental, absolute-return driven strategy, ensuring long-term capital appreciation by investing in the capital markets across the Arab world. The Investment Manager dynamically invests assets in public equities to yield the highest risk-adjusted returns based on each clients’ risk profile. 

Our Sharia-Compliant Portfolio Investment Strategy is designed to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investments in Sharia-compliant equity and fixed income related securities across all the Arab world’s capital markets. The Team pursues dynamic asset allocation according to Islamic investment principles. 

Our Balanced Portfolio Investment Strategy achieves long-term capital growth with an emphasis on capital preservation, by investing in a balance of listed equity and fixed income securities in the capital markets of the Arab world.

Our Capital Protected Portfolio Investment Strategy emphasises capital preservation and principal protection, while achieving a return on investment that exceeds the returns on bank deposits over a four-year horizon. The portfolio invests in fixed deposits, bonds and other instruments in the Arab world. This strategy targets pre-defined returns related to the index when markets are performing positively and guarantees initial capital invested during turbulent markets.

Our Fixed Income Portfolio Investment Strategy yields long-term capital appreciation by investing in corporate and government fixed income securities across the Arab world. The Investment Manager seeks dynamic allocation to fixed income instruments for capital appreciation on a risk-adjusted basis.

Our Indexed Portfolio Investment Strategy yields outperformance of regional and country-specific indices by investing in diversified equities in the capital markets of the Arab world. The portfolio invests in equities listed in regional indices and is rebalanced on a quarterly basis to minimise potential tracking errors.



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Last updated on February 24, 2019