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​Our Products

Offering top-quality, relevant and up-to-date insights into major markets, EFG Hermes Research’s world-class products include:

  •  MENA and Frontier Investment Perspective Research Yearbook: An annual book that is internationally recognised as the most comprehensive guide to MENA and Frontier equities.

  • Combined sector/thematic notes: Collaborative efforts between our various sector teams, who selectively analyse market sectors – including covered stocks – in relevant economically and politically driven events.

  •  Research portfolio strategy updates: A portfolio consisting of the top 20 investment ideas across the MENA region, in accordance with changes in the markets.

  • Dubai Property Tracker: An insightful quarterly update of the Dubai real estate sector.

  • Dubai Property Chartbook: A monthly tracker of activity in Dubai’s property market, including the number of transactions, transaction value, mortgage vs. sales transactions, selling prices, rental yields and listing prices.

  •  Index Matters: A flow-related product that covers the main index events in the region, which include MSCI and FTSE quarterly index reviews, as well as their annual country classification. It provides a preview of our expected changes for stocks and countries under our coverage and the implied flows as a result of these changes, as well as a review once the actual results are out. We have had a high success rate in forecasting index events across our coverage universe since 2013; also, we use Index Matters to generate successful stock and/or country calls as a result.

  •   Ebb & Flow: This flow-related product includes comprehensive coverage of trading breakdowns in Saudi Arabia (weekly basis) and for all major MENA markets including the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman (monthly), with data covering foreign and GCC flows not only on a country level, but on the sector and stock levels too.

  •  MENA Chemicals Monthly: A monthly report that tracks the latest trends in the global petrochemical and fertiliser sector, focusing on the MENA region. It also discusses our short-term views on the sector, individual stocks and potentially attractive tactical calls.

  •   Core Views: A banking product that looks into the core drivers of MENA financial stocks and shows a MENA financial model portfolio. It adopts a top-down approach with our stock selection and preferred exposure to countries with better outlook on loan and earnings growth, as well as ROEs, with lower credit quality risks.

  •  Quarterly results commentaries: Notes that highlight value-added aspects, by comparing analysts’ previews and reviews of company quarterly earnings

  •  Morning round-ups: A daily news product that highlights our analysts’ outlook on the top stories in MENA and Frontier markets, in addition to providing brief equity updates.

  •  Market wrap-ups: A daily product published at the end of every day after eight MENA markets and Pakistan conclude their sessions. The product summarises the daily activity of each market, discussing market performance, sector performance (if available), most active, best and worst performing stocks, and market activity breakdown by investor type.

  •  MENA markets weekly and monthly stats: User-controlled excel files that allow clients to drill down into MENA markets’ weekly and monthly data.

  •   Egypt Indices: A publication that tracks the movement of the most active Egyptian stocks traded on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX), as well as the Hermes Financial Index (HFI) and its sub-indices (EFGI, HFI Ex-EFGI and sector indices).

  •   UAE Indices: A publication that tracks the most influential stocks in Abu Dhabi’s Stock Market and Dubai’s Financial Market separately and combined in the UAE Index.
  • ​​The Hermes MENA Indices: Composite indices that include public companies and banks in 13 stock markets. The Hermes MENA indices track the performance of mid- and large-caps trading in the MENA region, with a base value of 1,000 points as of 31 December 2007. The indices are revised and rebalanced at end of every calendar quarter (i.e., four times a year).
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Last updated on July 30, 2018