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EFG Hermes Research is the leading research house in the region, with coverage spanning 19 countries across the Middle East, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia. We offer unrivalled, direct access to frontier emerging markets (FEM), as well as in-depth coverage of more than 240 equities, with the number of stocks we cover set to expand significantly in the near future.


The award-winning team is made up of a diverse range of highly-qualified analysts with a long track record of expertise, giving them the requisite experience to deal with volatile stocks in FEMs. Our analysts are the reason we are consistently ranked at the top of equity research polls for our coverage (#1 in Extel’s Frontier Market ranking, #2 in Extel’s MENA ranking and #1 in Institutional Investor’s rankings). The EFG Hermes Research team has analysts on the ground in Cairo, Dubai, Muscat, Riyadh, Karachi, Dhaka, Nairobi, Singapore and London – allowing us to give clients indispensable research on equities and macroeconomics from a local perspective.


Our research analysis is based on three areas:


  •  ​Equity Research: We provide up-to-date and comprehensive bottom-up coverage of more than 240 equities, focusing on sector and thematic research, where we can create maximum value for investors.
  • Macro and Strategy Research: Our award-winning macro and strategy team provides a top-down view of FEMs, taking on a comprehensive overall look and providing indispensable analysis on key equity themes and market performances. The Strategy team actively manages EFG Hermes Research’s MENA Top 20 stock list, a portfolio designed to help clients find value and outperformance in the MENA region, and our Top FEM list; both have outperformed the market since their inception. We also offer a country portfolio for Egypt that has continued to excel.  
  • Index Research: Our Index Research provides fund flow analysis on MSCI and FTSE flows across FEMs. We conduct fund flow analysis through our branded Ebb & Flow index research products, analysing weekly and monthly flows, and our Index Matters research product, covering the main index events in the region. In addition, we provide detailed data analysis on FEMs to our clients through our data team’s numerous research products.


EFG Hermes clients can view products via the research online portal, which offers access to all research materials, including equity, industry, economy, strategy and supporting data. Research Online also offers clients the latest news on major listed equities and on daily coverage of economic and political developments that help shape market sentiment. The research portal is fully searchable and includes years of historical data, with our research coverage updated daily with the latest news and commentaries. 


The Research division continues to invest in infrastructure to offer world-class products and services to clients and enhance user experience through the EFG Hermes digital platform. The team has developed a cutting-edge online presence by delivering a fully interactive website, mobile and other smart-device solutions to achieve a seamless communication experience across multiple channels.


If you are an EFG Hermes client with access to our portal, please log in here. For any enquiries, please email us on​​​​​​​​

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Last updated on July 30, 2018